Monday, February 28, 2011


yes, yes it has been months since i have been on here...oops!
but i figured i needed to jot down some of sophia's words before i forget the cute way she says those who think they will never, ever parents can't remember the cute way my sister said ketchup do forget
so on the left will be the actual english word...on the right will be sophia's version
please...(used to be "vlikkum")...peas
i love you...i lul lu
thank you...tank you
one, two,, TREE!
hold me/pick me up/hold something...hold u
chase me/get me...i getch u
peek-a-boo...peeka or peeko
fart...everytime she hears someone fart, she yells out "Poop!"
leila (our dog)...eela
cinnamon (my parent's dog)...minammyn
right here...right cheer (meaning you are supposed to sit down next to her)
blueberries...bluebabies :) (my favorite)
sophia...dophila or sophila or nophila
fork...f (and i can't spell the rest...)

now for the names:
nana and poppy are my parents
bekah is bekah
kristen is kissten
zac is ac
joanna is jojo (or dodo bird)
paul is paw
naomi is nami
abby is abby
leia is leia
david is david
nana cate and papa mark
papa lee is papa ee
rushe is rushe
sam is am
eve is eve
emily is emmi

Thursday, December 2, 2010

my little piece of heaven

right after i had sophia, i realized that i had a huge task ahead of me...of many many things
raising sophia, feeding her, keeping her safe, and the biggest one on my mind after the first night was SLEEP
i needed this baby on a good sleeping schedule, so i could be on a good sleeping schedulet
then one of my good friends, sarah, suggested the book "Babywise"
(now i know that this book brings controversy...and i'm not here to debate it right now)
but i read it, and followed it (mostly), and LOVE it
by 10 weeks, sophia was sleeping through the nite
it was wonderful to be able to go to work (most days) and be well rested...or be home and be well rested (most days)
this book helped me through a lot of things that i had absolutely no clue about...solid foods, sleeping schedules, and even manners
all that being said, as sophia continued to sleep through the nite (to our pleasure), i realized that i kind of missed rocking her at nite
when no one but sophia and i are lights on, no noise, just the rocking chair
at times i think of waking her up just to rock her for 10 minutes (for the record, i don't)
and then, almost like she knows (or God knows), she wakes up every so often and it makes me smile
i walk in there, pick her up, rock her, hum to her, and just sit for 10 minutes (or if i'm feeling really selfish 15 minutes :) )
it is the most wonderful, peaceful feeling in the world

Monday, November 29, 2010


john's dad, papa lee, lives pretty close to us here in little 'ole indiana
so each saturday, on his weekly run to the "big city" of warsaw to run errands, he stops by for coffee, to see us, and most importantly, to see sophia
and she loves her papa lee
she will crawl to him and sit in his lap forever, telling him stories, and how mean her parents are to her :)
and despite the fact that her eyes are a bit closed, this is a typical saturday morning with papa lee

Saturday, November 20, 2010


just to reassure everyone who thinks i may have died since i have not posted in almost two months...i am alive...and this is typical
my diaries growing up will reflect this fact too...i start off strong with journaling or blogging, then life gets busy, i run out of things to type, and i have huge gaps in writing
but don't is continuing and pretty normal
sophia is 16 months and almost walking...she can, she's just lazy :)
maybe she'll realize one day soon that walking is actually less tiring and quicker than crawling
oh well, until then, at least i can keep up with her and know where she is

this is sophia at the doctor's office...watching some television

Monday, September 27, 2010

one year pictures

daddy and sophia after a soccer game

mommy and sophia watching daddy play soccer

little flower maiden

mommy trying for a kiss...during the photo shoot

thanks aunt bekah!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

no children...

it seems crazy that the past two years of our life has been consumed with sophia...from pregnancy, to birth (early birth), to "premie" sophia, to one whole year of life with a baby girl
most days i don't notice how our life has been so drastically changed by this wonderful little girl
it now seems normal that i get up at 8 every morning...and being a nite owl, this seems VERY early
it also seems normal that i take a nap when she does if i'm not working, or have to wash diapers every other day
i guess some things you just adapt to
but there are other days when i notice the difference and change big planning a trip to the grocery store-not just the quick 30 min trip it used to be
in fact, some days it takes 30 min just to get from our house to the store, parked, and walking in the front door of the store
or going out to longer a quiet time to get it's an interesting time to see how long sophia can last in a wooden high chair (a long time if there are french fries around :) )
or when i get called to pick up a shift at work, before it was just, do i have housework that can't be done tonite when i get home? now it's, can i find a babysitter and get in touch with john to pick her usually i end up saying no (which is fine!)
well this weekend we got a little taste of "before kids" life again
our awesome friends chris and kristi manduka decided that the couples in our small group could benefit from a weekend in a nice cabin with no children
so kristi found this amazing cabin on a private lake (that i forgot to take a picture of :( ), booked it, each couple took a meal for the weekend, we all found babysitters (thanks mom!), and about 6 pm this past friday, we were off!
chris and kristi also came up with the excellent idea to have an awesome couple from our church, the valentines, come share with us and just talk through life with kids issues
and we loved it! in fact, i'm starting to think it should be a yearly thing!
we came back sunday afternoon so excited to see little miss sophia but so relaxed, rested, excited about life and each other, and ready to take on life with kids...or at least we think we are :)
but interestingly enough, by saturday nite, most all of us parents were saying we miss our kids and were excited to see them...funny how 24 hours of non-kid fun can do that to you :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


when my youngest sister, joanna, was little, my parents taught her sign language
nothing fancy, just a few words that you need at the table - please, thank you, all done, more
after awhile, joanna wouldn't talk...she would just do sign language
my parents worried for a little while that joanna would never speak...but fear not, she does :)
so i started doing this with sophia
she didn't really do any of them and jabbers more than anything
well one day, she did all done when she wanted to get out of the high chair
i realized then that she was picking up on the ones i was trying to teach her
she now does please, more, all done...we are still working hard on thank you!
but she has a special word for please...that sounds slightly like "vlikkum"
i have no clue what that is supposed to be or what part of that is actually in the word please...but she definitely does that when she wants something